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 ep106.ogv 26-May-2010 07:30 140MThe CMYK Episode
 ep106.flv 24-May-2010 14:12 152M 
 ep105.flv 16-Mar-2010 13:18 83M 
 ep105.ogv 16-Mar-2010 13:10 91MChrome Filter
 ep018.ogv 01-Mar-2010 12:23 23MCreate A Shield Icon
 ep104.ogv 20-Feb-2010 08:53 43MTrendy Circle Wallpaper
 ep104.flv 20-Feb-2010 08:53 42M 
 ep103.flv 24-Jan-2010 14:43 99M 
 ep103.ogv 24-Jan-2010 14:43 96MIce Pop
 ep102.flv 23-Dec-2009 00:47 98M 
 ep102.ogv 23-Dec-2009 00:40 64MMore Realistic Texturing
 ep101.ogv 13-Dec-2009 09:16 111MBottle Cap
 ep101.flv 12-Dec-2009 21:55 152M 
 ep100.ogv 15-Nov-2009 14:34 211MCreate a Vitamin Bottle
 ep100.flv 15-Nov-2009 14:30 366M 
 ep099.ogv 30-Oct-2009 06:26 74MTilt-Shift Miniature
 ep099.flv 30-Oct-2009 06:23 78M 
 ep098.ogv 27-Oct-2009 13:10 85MA Few Simple Text Treatments
 ep098.flv 27-Oct-2009 09:47 158M 
 ep097.flv 21-Sep-2009 20:31 114M 
 ep097.ogv 21-Sep-2009 20:04 74MRetro Style Curves
 ep096.ogv 11-Sep-2009 10:04 70MAxonometric Grids
 ep096.flv 10-Sep-2009 21:24 99M 
 ep095.flv 27-Aug-2009 12:01 109M 
 ep095.ogv 27-Aug-2009 11:54 71MCoffee Stain
 ep094.ogv 31-Jul-2009 06:05 113MInkscape, Blender, and Gimp Merry-Go-Round
 ep094.flv 31-Jul-2009 06:03 165M 
 ep093.ogv 12-Jul-2009 09:33 38MCircular Arrows
 ep093.flv 12-Jul-2009 08:32 81M 
 ep092.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:10 53MCustom Markers
 ep091.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:10 59MComic Bubbles
 ep090.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:10 105MCreate a CD/DVD Jewel Case
 ep089.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:10 83MAll That and a Bowl of Soup
 ep088.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:10 122MWrap Text Around a Globe
 ep087.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:09 51MPaint Splatter on Textured Background
 ep086.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:09 107MAnimated Presentations with JessyInk
 ep085.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:09 66MCreate a Blackboard Image
 ep084.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:09 41MMake Your Digital Image Stand Out
 ep083.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:09 52MTorn Paper Effect
 ep082.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:09 69MVector Tennis Ball
 ep081.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:09 87MCreate a Pencil Icon
 ep080.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:09 91MDrawing a Light Switch
 ep079.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:08 84MCreate a Rolling Stone Magazine Cover
 ep078.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:08 57MCharts and Graphs
 ep077.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:08 59MDesktop Publishing
 ep076.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:08 87MGrunge Patterned Snowboard
 ep075.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:08 62MVector Wings
 ep074.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:08 68MSunset Illustration with Starry Sky
 ep073.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:07 67MLicense Plate
 ep072.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:07 72MGlass Panels
 ep071.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:07 69MFabric Stitching
 ep070.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:07 58MCase Badge
 ep069.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:07 52MSafety Card Illustration
 ep068.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:07 48MHalftones
 ep067.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:07 41MIntro to Spiro
 ep066.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:07 40MIntro to Live Path Effects
 ep065.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:07 46MLCD Digits
 ep064.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:07 36MBitmap Masking
 ep063.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 46MCustom Patterns
 ep062.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 68MRaster Perspective Effect
 ep061.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 46MSimple 3D Object
 ep060.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 37MLive Envelope Effect
 ep059.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 28MMasks on Textured Background
 ep058.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 42MFilter Effects
 ep057.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 44MPage Curl
 ep056.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 32MWeb Badges
 ep055.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 35MRSS Icon
 ep054.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 47MScrapbooking Effect
 ep053.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 32MAbstract Wallpaper
 ep052.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 27MA Simple Keypad
 ep051.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:06 64MOld School Monitor
 ep050.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 47MSparkle Effect
 ep049.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 41MSunbursts
 ep048.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 23MFirefox Personas
 ep047.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 65MCreate a Clock
 ep046.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 43MDogtags with Logo
 ep045.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 46MSnapshot Mosaic
 ep044.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 15MLayers
 ep043.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 31MPin Buttons
 ep042.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 18MBullet Holes
 ep041.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 23M3D Text Using Interpolation
 ep040.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 22MDripping Blood Text
 ep039.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 34MCreate a Flaming Alien Skull Avatar
 ep038.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:05 47MHalloween Pumpkin Clip-Art
 ep037.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 44MDVD Software Box
 ep036.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 26MRain Drops
 ep035.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 40MPerspective Reflections
 ep034.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 17MCircular Array
 ep034-1.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 8.3MCircular Array - Supplemental
 ep033.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 26MReplace a Background Texture with a Different Image
 ep032.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 23MShattered Photo
 ep031.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 21MCreate a Basic Animation
 ep030.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 18MCreate Chrome Text
 ep029.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 13MCreate a Custom Color Palette
 ep028.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 29MCreate a Ribbon over Logo Text
 ep027.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:04 40MCreate Playing Cards
 ep026.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 51MDevice Graphic
 ep025.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 32MCreate a Business Card
 ep024.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 19MNeon Sign Effect
 ep023.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 42MCreate an iPod
 ep022.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 25MCreate a Lightsaber
 ep021.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 14MCreate Webbing
 ep020.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 17MCreate A Convex Icon
 ep019.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 26MCreate A CD-ROM
 ep017.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 40MGlass Button Effect Redux
 ep016.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 23MSlice Web Page Layout
 ep015.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 31MPerspective
 ep014.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 11MPlace Text Around a Circle
 ep013.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 41MFunkified Text
 ep012.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 8.8MManual Text Kerning
 ep011.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 32MPolaroid Pin-up
 ep010.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 16MCreate a Reminder Note
 ep009.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 39MPhoto Popping Fun
 ep008.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 10MCreate a Paper Clip
 ep007.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 20MQuick Shiny Button
 ep006.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 12MCreate a File Folder
 ep005.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 28MReflected Text
 ep004.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 12MCreate Tiled Clones
 ep003.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 27MGlobe
 ep002.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 8.1MBoolean Operations
 ep001.ogv 10-Jul-2009 16:03 15MTest Screencast 1
 ep091.flv 10-Jul-2009 15:54 121M 
 ep092.flv 10-Jul-2009 15:47 84M 
 ms010.ogv 01-Jul-2009 06:04 12MChange Inkscapes Default Icon Theme to Tango
 ms009.ogv 01-Jul-2009 06:04 17MDrop Shadow
 ms008.ogv 01-Jul-2009 06:04 8.5MChange the Default Template
 ms007.ogv 01-Jul-2009 06:04 46MExporting Bitmaps
 ms006.ogv 01-Jul-2009 06:04 5.8MTouch Selection
 ms005.ogv 01-Jul-2009 06:04 11MGrouping and Ungrouping Objects
 ms004.ogv 01-Jul-2009 06:04 20MObject Selection and Manipulation
 ms003.ogv 01-Jul-2009 06:04 24MNodes
 ms002.ogv 01-Jul-2009 06:04 13MFill, Stroke and Color
 ms001.ogv 01-Jul-2009 06:04 32MThe Inkscape Interface
 ep090.flv 08-Jun-2009 08:55 149M 
 ep089.flv 02-Jun-2009 05:57 152M 
 ep088.flv 02-May-2009 17:18 186M 
 ep087.flv 11-Apr-2009 11:01 91M 
 ep086.flv 02-Apr-2009 07:25 139M 
 ep085.flv 19-Mar-2009 09:19 93M 
 ep084.flv 07-Mar-2009 08:02 55M 
 ms010.flv 15-Feb-2009 11:24 16M 
 ep083.flv 10-Feb-2009 05:54 99M 
 ep082.flv 02-Feb-2009 06:00 98M 
 ep081.flv 28-Jan-2009 21:06 133M 
 ep080.flv 19-Jan-2009 09:27 169M 
 ms009.flv 11-Jan-2009 12:13 20M 
 ep079.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:31 128M 
 ep078.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:31 102M 
 ep077.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:31 91M 
 ep076.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:31 135M 
 ep075.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:31 96M 
 ep074.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:31 122M 
 ep073.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:30 95M 
 ep072.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:30 132M 
 ep071.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:30 102M 
 ep070.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:30 86M 
 ep069.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:30 98M 
 ep068.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:30 72M 
 ep067.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:30 67M 
 ep066.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:29 63M 
 ep065.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:29 84M 
 ep064.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:29 66M 
 ep063.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:29 83M 
 ep062.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:29 102M 
 ep061.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:29 94M 
 ep060.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:28 57M 
 ep059.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:28 47M 
 ep058.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:28 57M 
 ep057.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:28 58M 
 ep056.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:28 45M 
 ep055.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:28 45M 
 ep054.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:28 60M 
 ep053.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:27 41M 
 ep052.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:27 36M 
 ep051.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:27 82M 
 ep050.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:27 63M 
 ep049.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:27 55M 
 ep048.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:27 34M 
 ep047.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:26 83M 
 ep046.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:26 62M 
 ep045.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:26 59M 
 ep044.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:26 24M 
 ep043.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:25 46M 
 ep042.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:25 28M 
 ep041.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:25 30M 
 ep040.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:25 28M 
 ep039.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:25 46M 
 ep038.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:24 61M 
 ep037.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:24 57M 
 ep036.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:24 32M 
 ep035.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:24 53M 
 ep034.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:24 25M 
 ep034-1.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:24 12M 
 ep033.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:23 31M 
 ep032.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:23 30M 
 ep031.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:23 33M 
 ep030.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:23 30M 
 ep029.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:23 22M 
 ep028.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:22 45M 
 ep027.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:22 52M 
 ep026.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:22 69M 
 ep025.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:22 49M 
 ep024.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:21 26M 
 ep023.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:21 56M 
 ep022.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:21 34M 
 ep021.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:21 20M 
 ep020.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:21 22M 
 ep019.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:20 33M 
 ep018.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:20 30M 
 ep017.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:20 57M 
 ep016.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:20 31M 
 ep015.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:20 40M 
 ep014.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:18 17M 
 ep013.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:18 55M 
 ep012.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:18 13M 
 ep011.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:18 40M 
 ep010.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:17 22M 
 ep009.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:17 49M 
 ep008.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:17 15M 
 ep007.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:16 27M 
 ep006.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:16 17M 
 ep005.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:16 35M 
 ep004.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:15 17M 
 ep003.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:15 36M 
 ep002.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:15 13M 
 ep001.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:15 21M 
 ms008.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:12 11M 
 ms007.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:12 81M 
 ms006.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:12 7.4M 
 ms005.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:12 16M 
 ms004.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:12 30M 
 ms003.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:12 31M 
 ms002.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:11 20M 
 ms001.flv 07-Jan-2009 16:11 41M 

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